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Media Sales and Partnerships



Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development
Melbourne VIC, Australia
Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

ArchiPro is not just another online platform; the people here at ArchiPro are revolutionising an entire industry.

Today, building and renovating is a time-consuming, expensive, demanding, and fragmented process, and great design feels restricted to the privileged few. Separately, we’re witnessing industry after industry being revolutionised by technology, yet the building industry and all of the elements involved in the process have yet to undergo this level of digital innovation and transformation—until now.

Meet ArchiPro
—a cutting-edge all-in-one platform built on exceptional design and world-class engineering; we have quickly become a game-changing industry leader.

Every month, nearly half a million people use the Archipro platform to search for Products, connect with Professionals, and find Project Inspiration for their building projects. Our platform empowers businesses to grow online and helps millions of people embarking on their building journey find what they love and need, from architects, designers and builders to products and materials.

We are on a mission to simplify the end-to-end building experience and are looking for a Business Director to join our team.

  • ArchiPro is frequently ranked among the top 10 most disruptive companies in AU and NZ.
  • ArchiPro is backed by Tiger Global, one of the largest funds globally, and they only back the world's most exceptional companies. They have invested in Facebook, TikTok, Air BnB, Alibaba, Roblox, and Stripe. They believe the next $100b business in their portfolio is ArchiPro.
  • We have an excellent ESOP structure in place designed to not only reward you with a strong base and commission structure but also with the ability for you to have a stake in the business.
  • We have crushed New Zealand, we are disrupting Australia and now, we are gearing up to launch in California, and soon, we will be the default residential building platform globally.

The Role

Media Sales and Partnerships Manager: ArchiPro's Commercial Team is the driving force behind the revenue that fuels our continuous product evolution in the architectural world. Our success is dependent on hiring top-tier Media Sales and Partnerships Manager who work hard, earn well, and are obsessed with the idea of having an impact on making the world a better place to live.

ArchiPro's Media Sales and Partnerships Manager is an essential pillar of our growth and client acquisition strategy, operating within a dynamic and multifaceted industry. The success of ArchiPro hinges on our ability to attract and onboard new clients, expanding our reach and influence within our two-sided marketplace.

Reporting directly to the GM, the Media Sales and Partnerships Manager will occupy a pivotal role in identifying and securing new clients for ArchiPro. As a visionary strategist, you will devise and implement innovative client acquisition strategies that not only draw in new business but also integrate seamlessly with our broader market objectives.

In this high-impact position, you will serve as a critical link between potential market opportunities and actual client engagement. Collaborating closely with marketing, advertising and client service teams, you will leverage insights into market trends and client feedback to refine outreach efforts and enhance the client onboarding process. This concerted effort will maximize client satisfaction, ensure successful integration into our platform, and increase long-term engagement and retention.

Areas of Responsibility

Responsibilities (Supplier Onboarding):

  • Develop and execute innovative strategies to attract and onboard new suppliers, including brands and retailers, tailored to their specific business models and market segments.
  • Lead the negotiation and closure of deals with new suppliers, ensuring a seamless integration into the ArchiPro platform.
  • Analyze supplier onboarding processes and results, leveraging data to refine approaches and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of supplier acquisition.
  • Establish strong, ongoing relationships with new suppliers, serving as a reliable advisor and ensuring they are well-supported in their transition and continued partnership with ArchiPro.

Strategic Supplier Relations:

  • Excel in creating and maintaining robust relationships with key supplier decision-makers, aligning ArchiPro’s offerings with their strategic goals and operational needs.
  • Conduct deep dives into supplier industries to identify trends and opportunities that could benefit potential and current partners.
  • Design and implement bespoke onboarding plans for major suppliers, ensuring a tailored and effective introduction to ArchiPro’s services.
  • Utilize advanced analytics to demonstrate the value of ArchiPro’s platform to suppliers, influencing their long-term engagement and satisfaction.
  • Act as a thought leader and trusted advisor to suppliers, continuously delivering value and exceeding expectations to foster long-term loyalty and growth.

Collaboration and Cross-Functional Teamwork:

  • Collaborate closely with the marketing and advertising teams to develop promotional materials and campaigns that attract high-quality suppliers to the ArchiPro platform.
  • Work with the Product Development team to ensure the platform meets the evolving needs of new suppliers, enhancing their experience and engagement.

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