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Senior Full Stack Developer (.Net and React)



Software Engineering
New Zealand
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

We believe there is dignity in every job and people can find mana at work. For us, mana at work is about respecting the human rights of every worker in the supply chain, and doing what's tika or right and in the best interests of workers.

Jobloads is a digital labour supply solution, that gives job seekers a free platform to find and book horticulture jobs with ease, with more transparency around the conditions of the jobs, and find employers that tautoko or care about their people. Unlike labour for hire contracting companies, Jobloads enables better work conditions and workers are employed directly by the Food Producers.

Jobloads is at the start of an exciting journey building a strong team on a global mission to make every job experience tika/right. Now we need awesome Developers like you to help grow the platform as we scale up and be part of the change as we promote safe and secure work environments and sustained income growth for people.

Your Impact

Before we get started: We want to be a unicorn team, not a team of unicorns. You don't have to be an expert in All The Things™ to apply for this role. If you get to the end of this job ad and it just feels right, then we want to hear from you!

You'll be joining a small team in the early stages of our development, so you'll get to play an important role in influencing the direction of the Jobloads platform and team culture as we grow.

Currently we have two developers on our team, one intermediate and one junior. Both are sharp, capable, and most of all hungry to learn. You will have many opportunities to develop your mentorship and collaborative coding capabilities in this role.

What your first 2 months will look like:

There are a lot of enhancements and standalone features that we need to build, giving you a good starting point to familiarise yourself with the entire stack, contribute to architectural decisions (frontend and backend), and mentor developers.

We're a newly-forming team, so there will be a lot of focus on defining our team culture and ways of working, in which you will definitely get to play an active part!

We'll also be defining and executing a testing strategy, as well as standing up our CI/CD pipelines. Note that we are a cross-functional team; everyone on our team is a Developer, regardless of whether they happen to be cutting code, automating tests or configuring cloud resources at the moment.

You'll be meeting regularly with your manager to talk about your learning objectives and ways to evolve your work and your role so that you are continually growing and working on the kinds of challenges that you find most engaging.

What your first 6 months will look like:

We have some exciting features on our post-MVP roadmap that will introduce fun technical challenges to solve, and we think they will have a huge positive impact on our customers and end-users!

As we continue to grow the platform, we will also be growing our team, and your communication and collaboration skills will be a key factor in our success as a team.

What your first 12 months will look like:

Because SaaS, as our user base grows we'll likely hit some scalability challenges that we'll need to figure out. You'll be wearing your Cloud Engineer hat pretty frequently!

Our Jobstars and Food Producers (end users) will be interacting with the app on mobile phones in rural areas — we'll need to do plenty of outside-the-square thinking to ensure the app performs flawlessly on any device and regardless of connectivity.

About Our Stack

The Jobloads platform is built on the JAM Stack — a static frontend that delivers dynamic content by communicating with an API-only backend.


Our frontend is a mobile-first React + Redux application.
We're using Material UI + Styled Components for defining the look and feel.


Our backend is built on ASP.Net.
We're using SQL Server as the database.


Applications are deployed to the Azure cloud via Docker containers.
Cloud infrastructure is managed via Terraform.


The company is based in Gisborne, and we would very much like for our development team to be based here. Preference will be given to candidates located in Gisborne or willing to relocate. However, remote work is OK for the right candidate.

Here's some of the benefits we offer our founding team:

  • Competitive salary and share options - we offer competitive salaries and the option to share in our future success.
  • Extra weeks leave - we offer 5 weeks annual leave per year.
  • Flexible hours - we offe6r flexible work arrangements and a work from home allowance for remote workers.
  • Relocation package to Gisborne for those willing to relocate.